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I'm Andrew, the owner of Tutor911. I have completed a BSc in Physics, a MA in Economics (with a focus on statistics), and a MSc in Medical Biophysics. I provide individual, group, and review session tutoring on campus at UofT, Ryerson, and York University.

Students often go through 3 or more tutors before me. I take pride in being an excellent teacher. I have tutored hundreds of students in undergraduate engineering, math, science and stats courses. l will save you time, reduce your stress, and explain the concepts in a way that makes sense and that you can remember.

For stats, l will first give you a "framework that you can view all of the material within." Then l will give you step-by-step methods that you can apply to all problems in your course. Stats is actually not that hard, if it is explained in a clear way.

Calculus and other math courses, on the other hand, don't require so much "big picture thinking" and are mainly based on grunt work. In other words "getting good at math". I have been through the painful process of "getting good at math" and I can help you in ways that I wish someone had helped me when I first started.

Previous years' tests and exams are available upon request for many courses.

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